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● Pheeler pseudonym Mr Fix DJ aka Filippo Milazzo, was born in Palermo, Italy in 1982.

At the young age of 11, he was captured by world of music and club

culture. Blossoming from this strong interest in electronic music, it all

began with two turntables and a mixer.

● Soon after Mr Fix DJ began playing out, he quickly started to

become in demand at night clubs.

● After a long journey of experimenting in all aspects of electronic

music and embracing new cultures, his evolution and culmination as

an artist has earned him a spot in the Global House Music scene,

while still using vinyl as his weapon.

● Todays electronic innovation in music composition has led Mr Fix

DJ to “express his emotions through waveforms” which ultimately

lead to signing with labels such as Octane Records, Sould Shift Music, Liquid Surface Records, MDS digital and Safari Recordings. All of Mr Fix DJ’s music

can be found on Digital Platforms such as Beatport, iTunes, Juno

Download, Amazon, and 100+ other outlets.

● His Continuous evolution and progressive musical research has led

him to Collaborate with international artists and release remixes for

various record labels.

● Today are working for a new project called

‘’ Pheeler Music Project ’’

● Mr Fix DJ is known as the “Traveling Musician” that is able to

analyze, perceive and interpret feelings from the public, on top of

creating a magical and unique atmosphere.