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Beijing, China

Electro House, Progressive House

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Jong Evan Saputera As MR.CHILD

At the age 9, CHILD starts listen to a lot kind of genre music Inc. Hip-hop/Rnb/Electro. Burning every CD’s using Nero.

Till he find software name " Virtual DJ ". And start learning how to be a good DJ till he found a way to learning " Pioneer DJ equipment ".

At the age 15. CHILD starts his career and university life in Beijing, China. Inspired by Crooklyn clan Dj’s as well as Dj’s from around the world. Combined with kind of music genres. He knew his DJ career is a long way to go to catch The Pure Of Performance.

He spending all the time producing his own Tracks and Remix to improve the personality of his sets and uniquely.

On the year 2010, CHILD knowing one genre of music is booming it’s called " Dutch House " and he inspired by Afrojack, Sidney Samson, Steve Aoki, ETC. till now every time he doing the performance always combined a kind of music genres.

On the year 2012, CHILD start to experiencing " Logic Pro " along with acapella remix skills deeply took his passion to make a new fresh track. From time to time, Now he is an officially part of Electronic Dance Music scene.

Proud to be Indonesian. Mr.CHILD