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    East Bysshe Showground

    Sat 4th September 12 PM
  • Sterns Ravers Reunion

    The Arch

    Line-up: MR C, COLIN DALE, A1, RICHIE FINGERS and more
    Sat 11th September 10 PM
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International dj, innovative producer, founder of plink plonk , Shamen frontman and co- owner of the end, Mr C emerged as a pioneering force in the house music scene in 1987 and has continued to be instrumental in the proliferation of dance music on a global scale.

His commitment to experimentation and credibility in setting the standards for sophistication in all sub-genres of dance music has earned him world-wide prestige as he endeavours to take the sounds of the underground to new and more accessible heights.

In 1989, his talent as a vivacious m.c was taken to new heights when he joined the shamen. the band’ escalation into one of the world’ most successful dance bands owed much to Mr.C’ vocal charisma, writing skills and remix and production expertise, with ‘move any mountain’ re-release as ‘progen ’91’ hitting the national charts at number 4 and ‘ebineezer good’ holding the number one slot for four weeks in 1992.

The energy and prestige he gained from this experience was re-channeled into the underground scene where Mr C continues to innovate in his various capacities as a dj, producer, club owner/ promoter and dance music spokesperson.

Mr C’ versatility as a dj is second to none, applying his own unique and highly sophisticated technique to all aspects of dance ranging from future house and funky techno to psychedelic breakbeat and abstract acid electronica.

Now solely residing at the end’ “subterrain” night, Mr C’ unique blend of deep house, tech-house and techno has made him one of the biggest names on the european techno circuit as well as one of the uk’ most popular and colourful dj’.

The last year has seen mr c attain critical acclaim with the release of Mr C & Robert Owens " a thing called love" as well as his own “birds and the bees” track on End Recordings; the year 2000 sees him release the “Subterrain 100% Unreleased” album featuring a host of tech-house luminaries including Stacey Pullen, Terry Francis, Charles webster, Gene Farris, Derrick Carter and more.