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Glam-rocker in the 90’s, it’s through Mister Bungle’s music that Martin discovered machine generated sounds. He will then embark on a 10 year journey through many styles of music, taking him from Faster Pussycat to Michael Mayer and Kult of Krameria. As the new millennium arrives, he definitely puts aside his LesPaul guitar and Marshall amp and works exclusively with machines to produce dance floor electronic music.

He first explores the minimal and techno scenes, but his curiosity brings him to gain interest in all electronic genres (idm, drum n bass, gabber, goa and electro) in order to truly understand their subtle production differences. Falling upon some memorable sets by some djs and craving low frequencies, Martin turns to progressive techno/house where he finds the round and enveloping sounds he likes, keeping with his techno and minimal influences with a touch of melody.

As a producer, Martin constantly works on the line between techno and progressive house. As a dj, he explores some genres (progressive house, house, techno and trance), however, his sets always have a progressive feel and are driven by rolling and grooving bass lines.

In 2005, Martin and long time friend Steeve Montmigny (aka Sternreise) decide to truly take part in the local and international electronic music circle. Today, ften Grven recordings is now internationally distributed and is a member of the Critical Rhythm UK family, headed by Keith McDonnell, also director and owner of Baroque records.