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Mozambeat consists of the three djs and producers Roland M. Dill, Lars Knapik and Tobias Loehr.

All three of them meat during their time in high school.

Roland and Tobias played piano in their youth for several years. After four years of classic piano play Tobias specialized in jazz piano play.

After graduation Roland has started studies of musicology at the university of colonge. Besides these he still plays piano and severals other instruments like trumpet and trombone.

Early Tobias and Roland were also interested in electronic music. Due to this they started to produce their first tracks.

In senior secondary high school Lars joined them. He soon started to grow the interest in djing in Roland and Tobias. Over the time the three of them improved their skills in djing to the level of today.

In 2002 the three founded the project Mozambeat.

Since 2005 Tobias is resident dj in the radio show Electric Deluxe.