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Mou Herrera

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Electro House, House, Progressive House

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Was born in Guatemala City; and, since she was a child, she has always been interested in music in all its expressions, she learn to play different musical instruments (such as guitar and the drums) and she was also the drummer of a band for two years. She started as a DJ mixing different musical genres; but electronic music has always been her passion, to which she has devoted herself. Since last year, she became known within the world of electronic music and from then onward she has been playing in many places of Guatemala City. Besides, she has shared turntables with the national DJs Ronald Quest, Jr. Gonzo, Dj Ksta, Byron Rodríguez, AleQ, Pako Rodríguez Gina Cifre, BabyG and Francis Davila, and International Djs Liza Divine, Denise Saens and Dj Gooz from EMPO. She has appeared in different radio stations of Guatemala City and as well as in the German online radio station Cuebase-fm.

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