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Prepare for an evocative journey that takes music to a new level, elusively challenging any categorization. A new sound is emerging from the US… Meet Motorcycle.

Motorcycle is Jes Brieden, Josh Gabriel, and Dave Dresden. The band strives to deliver an experience, a vibe that music fans and clubbers alike will find irresistible. Motorcycle’s chemistry is immediate and acutely delivers a diverse and memorable sound.

An extraordinary combination of Jes’s brilliant songwriting and velvet-laden vocals, Dave’s creative influence, and Josh’s vision, Motorcycle emits a sound that transcends the current stale nature of popular music.

Jes, who performs as the lead singer and founder of her band JES, met Gabriel & Dresden, known for their melodic progressive production style and Billboard charting remixes, in the summer of 2002. Jes, who has also collaborated with DJ D:Fuse, Deep Sky, and Solarstone met Dave at a D Fuse show. Dave was amazed with her vocal style and songwriting abilities, and asked if she would be interested in coming to San Francisco to meet Josh Gabriel and collaborate with the two.

“There’s definitely a great dynamic between us all. No ones locked into any one thing or style of music, which is good as we’re not restricted by self-imposed pigeonholes. We just ride the waves. We are all very ripe and busting with ideas.” says Jes.

Quote from Dave about “As The Rush Comes”

“Jes, Josh, and I spent a weekend together laying down the tracks. ‘As The Rush Comes’ was written and recorded in one day.”

Gabriel says Motorcycle can deliver a new sound because “Jes, Dave and I have been immersed in the music scene since we were really young. We all have different influences, but from the same 80’s era. So when we get together, we create new sounds from old, thrive off of our life experience when we write, and genuinely create new ways to structure our songs.”

Motorcycle has recently been signed to Positiva Records and a full worldwide single release is scheduled for January 5th 2004.

The band has a unique emotive vibe that’s “uplifting and euphoric” according to Pete Tong. The group is a true collaboration. They do not approach their music in any traditional way, arrangements are different, the lyrics mean something to the members, and the goal is to make their fans feel the music.

“We want to make music that will mean something to people. Make them remember the moment and mark it as a great time in their lives. Touch them. If we can deliver records that people sing to, love to, and lose their minds to, then we have succeeded”.

The band is currently working on their highly anticipated follow-up single to “As The Rush Comes,” and will record a full album this winter.

About Jes

Jes has spent her entire life perfecting her musical craft. She was singing in musicals throughout her childhood, and by the age of 16, she was making her first vocal recordings as a reference vocalist and back up singer for several artists with major recording labels.

Jes has been writing lyrics, music, and producing original tracks ever since. Jes plays keyboard, guitar, and has graced several bands with a variety of influences including alternative rock, pop, and underground dance music. She has collaborated with such artists as Deepsky, D Fuse, and Solarstone, and was included on Paul Van Dyke’s acclaimed 2001 Ministry of Sound compilation called Politics Of Dancing.

For five years, Jes has been touring nationally with her own band called JES, and she has performed live with bands and DJ’s all over the world. “Singing is like breathing to me; I don’t have to think about it. I want nothing more than to be a part of our generation of music and musicians, trying to create something beautiful, and give something back. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.”