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Motek (aka mojo) is a Melbourne based Dj / producer. Known for his technical ability and his “Zabiela” type effects, he has emerged as one of Australia’s rising stars. Best known for his effortless presence when applying earth moving effects, Mo has left the traditional style of DJ’ing of using decks and a mixer, and is now using the very popular ableton Live and midi controllers. “I already use Ableton to write my music, and absolutely love the program. Everything i always wanted to do mentally as a dj, but physically could not, i can now do with ableton and achieve more than i ever could Dj’ing traditionally. I can have endless amount of samples synced with accapellas and effects and control them all via

my midi controller. I can loop sections of a track on the fly, while another 4 or 5 loops are chugging along. So you can push the possibilities of your imagination to the very edge” With a new sound came a new name, Motek. “I changed the name for kicks more than anything. New style, new beginning, new name. As much as i like doing effects and things, there is so much more to my music than that. I have even started writing some house music, just for the groove element. Again, with the new set up, i can lay down a house groove and mix a slamming techno percussive loop over the top and create a completely different feel to the track. I listen to everything from lounge to african, house to trance, so why not mix them all together”