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Mostafa Emad

Cairo, Egypt


MJOY Records, system recordings
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Mostafa Emad better known as Dj Most was born on the 1st of july 1990 which makes him of course a cancer sign. He was born in Cairo, Egypt. He started his love for music from the age of 12 when he heard for the first time house music. He loved and heard house music and some electro and then he entered the R’nB and HipHop world when he first started dj-ing, he found more passion inside him for this kind of music. Now Dj Most is working on being a good known dj in Egypt and the world soon. He has played in a lot of events and a lot of places. For example he played as a guest Dj @ Sheraton Montazah, @ Marimba, @ Alex Beach Cafe, @ MalibuZamalek, @ The Special Olympics, @ A.C.C Carnival and much more. He has toured Egypt playing at its finest concerts, media outlets, and finest clubs.

Dj Most is really one of the most talented djs in Egypt, but he is still working on improving himself.