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Mossmoss (aka Mattie Bowen) is a Scottish born dj and producer with an intense interest in exploring deep dance music, a keen ear and eye for detail, and a fiery passion for all things psychedelic. An artist by nature, his wandering sets paint landscapes of light and dark patterns, textures, and strange melody. Matties inspiration draws from the organic details of existence, the tiny pieces most overlook in exchange for the big-picture rush of an ever changing modern world. His mind deeply set to explore these facets and to share his exploration in all forms to those that might look and listen. Mossmoss currently resides San Francisco and draws on The City and its colorful nightlife for constant immersive inspiration.

2012 was a busy year for Mossmoss, alongside As You Like It residents Rich Korach, Christina Chatfield and Brian Bejarano they have helped spur a dance music renaissance in San Francisco’s Bay Area. Playing many clubs and underground parties in support of Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Nicholas Jaar, Maya Jane Coles, Ben UFO, Scuba, Function, Silent Servant, Rrose, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Kassem Mosse, Matthew Dear, Drumcell, Daniel Bell, Ryan Crosson and many many other talented artists.

2013 and beyond promises to be an exciting time in the development of one of San Franciscos most eager players.