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Morgan The King

Pretoria, South Africa

House, Trance


DJ Morgan discovered his interest and passion for DJing back in 1987, but it was only up until 1995 where he decided to pursue his career in DJing when he bought his first set of decks.

His first break came with his residency at DNA (South Africa) with his sister, Lady Lea, in 1995. They were known as The Morning Surgeons. DJ Morgan went on to be a resident for 5 years and within that period he released his very first album in 1998: “DNA”.

With his DNA residency, an ESP (South Africa) and Liquid State (South Africa) residency followed shortly after. In between his residencies and owning his own coffee shop “Morgan’s Coffee Theatre”, DJ Morgan was booked at many guest DJ spots, and played at many major events such as Mother Rave, Ice and the Camel Experience.

With the success of his DJing career, Morgan closed down “Morgan’s Coffee Theatre” and teamed-up with his sister, Lady Lea, and opened “Flipside Records” in 1999. Flipside Records was a studio, record label; they imported international records and sold DJ merchandise. Flipside Records subsequently changed to a music label: “Flipside Recordings”. As the success and the demand grew, Flipside Recordings fell away thus establishing “Beat Boutique” in 2009.

DJ Morgan released his second album in 2000 with the very first duo with his sister, Lady Lea: “Dreamscape”. In that time DJ Morgan had a guest spot at Truth Nightclub (South Africa), since then he had cemented his place as a resident up until today.

Following the success of his previous albums, DJ Morgan went on to release “The Decadent Sound of Morgan – The Hard Side” in 2004 and “The Decadent Sound of Morgan – Dominator” in 2005. After being a resident at Truth for 5 years, DJ Morgan was nominated to do “Truth Vol. 4” which was released in 2006.

Between his Truth residency, DJ Morgan has been playing in guest spots at SA’s hottest venues and events from cocktail bars to upbeat nightclubs to huge events in major cities all over South Africa, and has been featured on many radio stations. DJ Morgan has had the opportunity to play alongside big names in the business like Carl Cox in 2001 at the Electric Workshop and Fatboy Slim at H2O.

DJ Morgan subsequently brought out another album in 2007 – “The Music in Me”. In 2008 DJ Morgan and Lady Lea decided once again to make another duo bringing out the ever so successful “Family Affair” which was followed by the Family Affair Tour, playing in every major city in South Africa with his sister, Lady Lea.

Currently DJ Morgan is a full range DJ, specializing in playing all genres to suit any style and club. With his ability to switch between sounds without a glitch, his knowledge and skills, DJ Morgan has become a must have in all clubs. DJ Morgan has an ever increasing fan base (from where he was given the nickname “The King”), and constantly pulls a major crowd to any dance floor.

Major Events Played at:

H20 (since 2000)

Bass Project

Blutonium Boy

Electric Circus


Hanger 51

Together at Truth

Blackout 1 & 2

Hard Truth

Harder Truth


Sweet Sessions

Natural Groove

Beach Ball


Hardy Boyz


Lectrix Fest

Ministry of Sound

Skylight UV


Screw It, Just Do It

Featured on:


Tuks FM

Beat Nation


Mixed alongside International DJ’s:

Carl Cox

Judge Jules

Tall Paul

Mauro Picotto

Steve Thomas

Warp Brothers

Kid Crème

Lisa Lashes

Anne Savage

Rachel Auburn

Max B Grant

Junior Vasquez

Blutonium Boy

Steve Hill

Paul Van Dyk

Mickey Slim

Sister Bliss

Junior Jack


Tony De Vit

Tall Paul

Tidy Trax



Mixed alongside Local DJ’s such as:

Speedy Dizzy Surge Justin Vee Deep Groove Roger Goode Roger D’lux Mark Stent Pimp Squad Elemental Ami – Lectrix Ryan Dent BenKay DJay Eddy Virgo Spiro Derek “The Bandit” Gareth Cliff Lady Lea

Own Produced Tracks:

Terminate the Beat – DJ Morgan vs. Bass Boi aka BenKay DJay

3rd Dimension – DJ Morgan & Dizzy: Truth Vol. 4