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Bucharest, Romania

House, Tech House

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DJ Morariu or his full name Morariu Cristian started playing with sounds at the age of 11 when he had just a tape recorder and recording music from the tv and recording himself telling jokes and other stuff.

At the age of 13 he started with the Hip Hop genre producing some hip hop beats with “Hip-Hop eJay” and scratching with “OTS Turntables”,him and other 2 friends of his started a hip hop band “Geneza”(by their nick names Pablo, MNG,and DJ Morariu)they produced 3 tracks through out the course of 3 years, one of them is “Geneza – Un nou tip de percepere senzoriala” the band did not last to long because of personal issues, Pablo & MNG gave up on music but Morariu went on with being a DJ.

Feeling the vibe he started doing mixes and mash-ups, mixing music at friends parties with dj softwares, through out the course of 4 years he learn a lot of tricks on mixing and producing house music,and finally at the age of 20 e bought his fist cdj`s(Gemini MPX4 and a Behringer DHX mixer), the fun only started.

Producing house and tech-house tracks(ex:DJ Morariu – Maddness)and mix-ing at local clubs, Morariu is now established in Buchares RO trying to make it in this modern world full of vibes.