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Athens, Greece

Electronica, Techno


GOODNESS OF DEATH is Aka Moonsun. After Spending most of his life in electronic music, and doing so many things to support it in his own way, He started this new project with an idea of making music with his own style and sound. He has big hopes for these new Project and hopes to see the best out of it. Goodness Of Death concept is to give love and Good Vibes. ………………………………………………………………… Goodness Of Death aka Moonsun is Nicholas Grey, born on the 3rd January 1977 in the U.K. He started listening to dance pop music in the 80s to Artists like Madonna , Michael Jackson, Sabrina , Samantha Fox, Kylie Minogue , Ricky Ashley, as he grew up, he started to like more hard sounds. Metal came to him in the 90s, it was a new thing to him with bands like Manowar, Alice Cooper, Def Lepard, Metallica, Europe, Bon Jovi, then he took a weird turn in 92 with Rave sounds and listed to projects like Prodigy, Messiah , Liquid , 2 Unlimited, Quadophonia, Jam & Spoon. After 94 his trance journey started with the India Goa Trance Music. Over the years he lived in many countries testing him self to see were this music would lead him. Since then he has been living in Athens/Greece playing these vibes, as the years past he changed style to psytrance but still the vibes were high and the music strong. He has played in many Parties & Festivals like FULLMOON FESTIVAL, MOONDUST FESTIVAL, PSYTISFATION FESTIVAL and many more , He has played in countries like Cyprus, Slovenia,Germany, India, Fyrom, and with many big artists like Astral Projection Hallucinogen, Shpongle, Absolum, Safi Connection, Atomic Pulse, Shanti Maktin, Talamasca, Astrix, Nomad, Xsi, X-Dream , Dna , Cyrus The Virus, Kox Box , Dynamic, Miranda, Rinkadink, Orion, Psychotic Micro, Miraculix, Gms, Space Tribe, Esp, Xenomorph, Para Halu, Perplex, X Nioze, Sirius Isness, U Recken, Void , Cpu, Parasence, Penta, Logic Bomb,TimeLock, Ticon, Gaudium, Tegma, Brisker & Magitman and many more. Dj Moonsun plays full on style and did his own Trance,Electronic parties with many big international guests.After some time he took a change in his life and started producing Dark Psychedelic music as MMP with a few releases and a track with Pascal Kerberos in 2006, named – Black Heart.Techno music came in 2007 for him as production which he liked a lot to share these sounds of music with people, this style of music was formed from then on and became a style of sound that he tried to give his best in producing & mixing.He released a single cd in 2008 feat Polycat & Weed X which was a realy great creation as his techno project Goodness Of Death. Moonsun now playes psytrance & Goa Trance and likes to continue with both styles.