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In 1981 MoonForce was born in a town on the northeastern coast of Germany called Hansestadt Greifswald. Like most artists MoonForce was exposed to music at an early age. As a young boy MoonForce would listen to a song and be able to reproduce the melody on his keyboard. This interest led him to play the piano. His pieces were mostly classical, but the desire to play his own composition he was forced to look elsewhere. Then in February of 2003 he turned to software called REASON from Propellerheads, in which he was quick to realize its potential.

The sky was the limit and with his newfound passion for Reason, MoonForce released his first few tracks on Reasonstation, a website dedicated to the Reason community. Having his tracks available to the public was a way for him to receive instant feedback.

MoonForce’s tracks were a hit and were rated highly amongst the Reason community and it did not take long for the public to acknowledge MoonForce’s talents. He is currently joining forces with Foreign Sun in projects like FOREIGN FORCE or MoonForce & Foreign Sun and also in project Je-June together with Magnus Vik and his mate Alar.