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Phil Thompson AKA Moonface began his DJing career in 1993 after getting his first break as resident on the infamous Manage A Trois Boat Parties in Southampton. His tenacious appetite for House music led him further afield to the circuits around the Southern area with regular sessions at The House of Windsor Club and Club U.K in London. At this stage in Phil’s career competition to play out and keep hold of a residency was fierce. To be a DJ was all he wanted, but in a sea of wannabe DJs his talent was for the most part undiscovered and unheard, but as the old adage goes ‘the cream always rises to the top’.

In 1994 Phil invested in some studio equipment and set himself a goal of five years to develop his sound into what it is today. Building his studio from scratch he taught himself how to use the equipment, and began blending a mixture of tribalistic beats, chants and rhythms with basic drum and bass to come up with his own unique sound. Determined to get recognition Phil churned out track after track but received no feedback from any labels.

In 1998 Phil got the recognition he had been striving for in the form of a phone call from Danny Howells. He loved Phil’s sound and asked him if he would cut some tracks for his residency at Bedrock. Phil needed little encouragement and very soon became firmly situated in Danny’s box. Phil’s long term efforts were paying off, when John Digweed received a copy of Futerized Fears. Digweed praised the track and pin pointed Phil’s style and sound as unique, shortly after that it was signed to Digweed’s Hong Kong Global Underground. Phil describes his music as “Head music that moves and grooves-ya from the very depths of your soul. Always delivering, always quality, high enough to make you happy, dark and twisted enough to make you think. A cross over between all the short and lazy techno tracks from Belgium, Holland and Sweden to the full length marathon tracks made by the British.”

Phil hasn’t looked back since gaining the support and recognition he has worked for over the years. Danny Howells, Digweed, Sasha, Danny Tenaglia, Deep Dish, Lee Burriege, and Anthony Pappa (to name but a few) and with two tracks on both Pappa’s and Howells’ CDs, but he knows he hasn’t peaked yet exclaiming, “I know I am the future, I just have to prove it”.

Moonface makes frequent appearances at both Bedrock’s Heaven and Brighton. His influences include Dark Globe, Chocolate Weasel, Big Bud, Kruder and Dorfmeister, Adam Freeland @ Eat Static, Leftfield, Tipper, Danny Tenaglia, Colin Dale and many more.