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Moonbootica will be celebrating their tenth birthday next year. Or rather, they won’t. Contrary to expectations, there will be no megalomaniac, orgiastic über party. Not an echo of prosecco. No cheese on sticks or twiglets. Nada. Its business as usual. In traditional Moonbootica fashion, they simply keep on keeping on. As they have been doing since their inception in 1999, the Hamburg duo have, in the truest sense of the word, kept things simple – guaranteed to rock the party and keeping on keeping on is the Moonbootica mission statement that made them great. Onwards and upwards, breaking the borders and out into the night, the darkened hours which need to be saved. Hence the title of their new compilation applies to them and to everyone else. A call to duty and a mass appeal. As the man says at the start of the set: “We need you – you and us, we have to save the night (…) We still have to save the night, save the night, … !”

Epilogue: A few years ago, Kowe and Tobi were asked during the course of an interview where they were up to in the thousand page story of their life. Their answer: page 81. If one were to pose the same question today, they may well be a few pages further on, but even if ten or a hundred pages have since been turned, the bulk of the boom lies ahead. In these transient times, where ageing is akin to a deadly sin, in one of the fastest-moving trades around , where activists have half the shelf life of natural yoghurt, Moonbootica stand firm in the current of fugacity, resolute as ever. The party continues. No jubilee. Save the night.