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Moog Conspiracy

Berlin, Germany

Open Format

Buena Onda Records, Creepy Finger, Elektrotribe
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Head of the label Elektrotribe and successful electronic music producer, Moog Conspiracy has a tough

discography including more than 40 tracks and a studio album. In only 3 years he has became one of the

most demanded Act in Europe, acclaimed for the amazing intensity & diversity of his dj and live


In 2010, the launch of Elektrotribe INTENSE Tour gives him the opportunity to play around the globe (USA /

India ), playing either live or dj & special back to back sets with Elektrotribe artists like Breger, Animaltek or

Jalebee Cartel.

Moog Conspiracy studio work is in big progress : his second studioalbum in expected for the first half of

2011, and his newest productions are receiving the support of Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Luciano,

Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice, Audiofly, Oxia, Tocadisco, Eric Morillo, Someone Else, Max Cooper¦

BIOGRAPHY ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Moog Conspiracy began his experimentations with music a long time ago. Since ten years with his metal roots, he walks on the path of constant improvement. Rock, trip-hop, minimal, funk, house, trance; his eager ears find sounds everywhere in order to create tomorrow’s ones.

So, how to qualify his music?… Always really deep and dark, he removes the hearts and souls with his minimalist electro. A strong techno beat, precise and acute; serpentine synthesizer melodies; a hate of obvious structures; destabilising noises: all an atmosphere that he creates, to make the listener rise from ecstatic heights to the black depths of human spirit.

His first EP began the legend. Is it deep? seduced a huge amount of techno freaks and DJs, like Lucio and Pep and Digital Filth who remixed his tracks, or Cosmopolitan who wanted him to remix for them. Now he’s on the edge of another acid revolution with his new album “Elements of Density”.

More than a DJ, he’s a real creator, a true artist with a vision and a goal: transform music and let hearts shake.

DISCOGRAPHY ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


Moog Conspiracy & Breger – Screenshot (Elektrotribe) (2010)

Moog Conspiracy – Promenade (Buena Onda) (2009)

Moog Conspiracy & Breger – Hinterhalt (Elektrotribe) (2009)

Moog Conspiracy – Ground Zero (Elektrotribe) (2008)

Moog Conspiracy – Elements of Density (remixes) (Elektrotribe) (2008)

Moog Conspiracy – Elements of Density (Album) (Elektrotribe) (2007)

Moog Conspiracy – Is it Deep? (Elektrotribe) (2007)


Acid Pauli – Flamenco (Moog Conspiracy & Breger Remix) (Doxa) (2011)

Pete Nouveau – Attack The Jack (Moog Conspiracy Remix) (Elektrotribe) (2010)

Rasha Petrovici – Acido Cantabrico (Moog Conspiracy Remix) (Skills Records) (2010)

Platikkid – Old Story (Moog Conspiracy Remix) (Redlight Music) (2010)

Fernando Lima – D (Moog Conspiracy Remix) (Mizumo) (2010)

David Londono – Spring Time (Moog Conspiracy Remix) (Road Trip Rec.) (2010)

Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx – Up To You (Moog Conspiracy Remix) (Beat m up) (2010)

Adam N – Piff (Moog Conspiracy Remix) (We Continue) (2009)

Voodoo J – Movements (Moog Conspiracy Remix) (Beat..em Up) (2009)

Datensi – Oomph (Moog Conspiracy Remix) (2009)

Thee-O & Merlyn – Smack attack (Moog Conspiracy Remix) (Mizumo music) (2009)

Pete Nouveau – Minus (Moog Conspiracy Remix) (2009)

Royal Sapien – San Francisco Love (Moog Conspiracy remix) (Olaris rec.) (2007)

Datensi – Epic Man (Moog Conspiracy remix) (Elektrotribe) (2007)

Ilario Naples – U.F.O (Moog Conspiracy remix) (Elektrotribe) (2007)

Lucio & Pep – Jonny Petrucelli (Moog Conspiracy remix) (Elektrotribe) (2007)

Digital Filth – BETA BUG (Moog Conspiracy remix) (ISSUES / Elektrotribe) (2007)


4 Years Elektrotribe (Elektrotribe) (2011)

Deep Deluxe – Season 0.1 (Wasabi Recordings) (2010)

Disco Electrique (Le Bien Et Le Mal Recordings) (2010)

Electronic Underground vol 4 (Doppelganger Rec.) (2010)

Centrale du Minimal Vol 4 (Doppelganger Rec.) (2010)

Electronic world Series Vol 3 (Tretmuehle Rec.) (2010)

Tech My House 3 (Elektrotribe) (2009)

Bubblegum (Elektrotribe ) (2008)

Tech My House 2 (Elektrotribe) (2008)

Tech My House (Elektrotribe) (2007)


Datensi – Errors (Moog Conspiracy Remix) (Tracer Records)

Tiari – Push Reset (Moog Conspiracy Remix) (Elektrotribe)

Kioshi & Noisy – Cirque du Freak (Moog Conspiracy Remix) (Elektrotribe)

Moog Conspiracy – Where Green Is Blue (2nd Album) (Elektrotribe / April 2011)