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DJ Mood a.k.a Jazzy Eyewear

Fabian Giannattasio is DJ Mood, a.k.a. Jazzy Eyewear. He is originally from Argentina and moved to Chicago in 1990.

Over the last decade he has quickly become one of the most notorious up and coming producers. His groovy & sexy house sets earned him a reputation as one of the fastest rising DJ’s amongst the US house scene. His self-imposed deep, driving house sound has been shaking up dance floors all over the world.

He is recognized worldwide for his productions under the name of “Jazzy Eyewear”, as well as for being the creator of the quality independent underground house music label “So Sound Recordings”, a label based in the United States with branches in Chicago & Miami Beach, distributed by Intergroove (UK). Included in its impressive roster are some of the most respected names in the house music community around the world, such as: Inland Knights, Martin Venetjoki, To-Ka Project, Spettro, Zoo Brazil, Jazzy Eyewear, Mood Rotation, Midas, Brett Johnson, Jay West, The Wiggs, Prztz, Blacksoul and more.

By the end of 2005 he’ll be launching his second label “Uma Recordings” distributed by Syntax (US).

His productions have been released on top labels such as Bunchlox, Aroma, Icon, Lowdown, Nordic Trax, OAE, Defected, EMI and his own imprints So Sound & Uma Recordings.