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Monty Luke is a part of Detroit 3.0, an evolution of the “New Detroit” that includes the world of electronic music. It’s a step forward in cultural wave Monty helped shape since moving there in 2008 to work with Carl Craig, before he later formed his own Detroit-based label Black Catalogue.

Influenced by Detroit artists such as Theo Parrish and Kenny Dixon Jr, Monty began producing in the early 2000s, releasing “What U Feel” under the Loopwreckas moniker with Sam Urton. He later showcased his hypnotic vocal-fused beats in “Paranoid” with DJ Tasho, released through Mothership Music, Claude Vonstrokes house/techno Dirtybird sister label. It was only a matter of time before Monty crossed paths with Carl (his soon-to-be mentor). The two stayed in touch and by 2008, Monty joined Planet E as label manager, transporting him to his current Detroit base.

Mentored by Craig, Monty churned out “Panik Attack,” the jarring follow-up to “Paranoid.” His work trailed (and continues to trail) a space-like vibe, often themed in science fiction using otherworldly samples, such as “Art, Love, and War.” Constantly exploring new frontiers with a sound that can’t be restricted to one genre, Monty nonetheless solidified his place in the Motor City and as one of the U.S’ top underground DJ’s after joining 2010’s D25 world tour. The tour celebrated 25 years of Detroit techno alongside Theo Parrish, Kenny Dixon Jr., Derrick May and more.

In 2011, Monty launched his imprint Black Catalogue, which now sees about four releases a year including the Carter Bros and MD (among others). Black Catalogue is also a stage for Monty’s own productions, and its mission is to present something a little different than the standard Detroit fare with a future slant to it.

With a passion for afro-futurism and ideals manifested through Sun Ra’s teachings, Monty’s eyes are always locked ahead—his persistent state of forward-thinking leading him to the discovery of the Mars One Project, which aims to establish permanent human settlement on Mars. He made the first cut in 2013 and is currently one of some 600 contestants left in the running. He hopes to make several more cuts.

Monty’s devout interest in the connection between outer space, music, futurism and Detroit fuses together the overall product: an audio astronaut who pushes his intergalactic sound through Detroit 3.0, and in the coming years, Detroit 4.0 (then hopefully Mars). Monty is constantly adjusting the frequency, staying in tune with an ever-evolving city.