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Montreal, Canada

Ai Records, Carpark Records
Montag Beatport


Montag is Antoine Bédard, a solo French-Canadian musician based in Montréal, Canada.

Born in Gaspé, Québec and raised in the icy Kuujuak in Québec’s north and Montréal, Montag is regarded as one of Canada’s most distinctive electronic musicians. Montag is celebrated among music aficionados for his sophisticated compositions, mixing analog, electronic and acoustic instruments into rich soundscapes and melodies. He earned international acclaim for 2005’s Alone, Not Alone (Carpark Records/Gooom Disques, France). In an enthusiastic nod to the album’s dip into nostalgia, Pitchfork Media noted, “[Montag’s] droll lyrics and gorgeous, slightly icy melodies expand upon the traditions of the ’60s French pop icons while honoring them, as he emotes with precision, restraint, and a sardonic eye.”