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Hristo Kamenov, also known as Monotype, is born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1985. His first steps in music are at a very early age, when he learns to play the piano and clarinet. In the late 90`s he starts to produce electronic music, as he makes mainly hip hop instrumentals. 2003 is the year Monotype starts his career as a dj. At that time he is a resident at the metropolitann Swingin`Hall, where till the fall of 2004 organizes hip hop events. Two years later Hristo makes a drastic change in his music approach, as he turns to the fast developing and popularizing drum and bass. By the end of 2009 he is part of the Chronic Vibez crew. By that time Hristo makes a lot of appearance on the stage and playing alongside one of the most famous and influential dnb artist as Woodpacka (EST), Cabbie (UK), Original Sin (UK), Friction (UK), Maldini (UK), Chase&Status(UK) et… This is the time when he decides to start serious work and devote himself into making his own drum and bass sound. He starts taking courses at the Sofia University in audio engineering and mastering processes. The knowledge he gains immediately gives an effect and not long after he releases his first track „Kick Ass“ for the American Label „Sound Solution“. This is the point where Hristo gains popularity through the artists and owners of labels and by the end of 2010 has more than 30 released tracks. At that same time he launches his own digital label – Dubplate Terra, which releases artists and searches for new talents across Europe. A few months later Monotype manages to break into TOP 10 of one of the most famous online stores „Nu Urban“ with the track „Wicked Beast“ released from Dubplate Terra. At the moment Hristo is working on expanding and popularizing his style, as at the moment he is making collaborations between English and Czech artist, which result will soon appear in your mp3 player.

next gigz:

22-24.07 – Free Open Air Jeleznitza (Sofia)

Oct,2011 @ London UK

FOR BOOKINGS: [email protected]

aim: herbakbg