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About Monitor

A look back at late 2009… The Montreal club scene is still very much alive, but looking for a new

direction. Erik El and Bruno Brown multiply DJ sets as part of their various residencies; musician-

producer Jean-Michel Lapointe carries on experimenting in the studio; guitarist-producer

Nicolas Maranda explores fresh avenues following the success of his soundtrack for the award-

winning television program Minuit le soir. All these beautiful people continue to evolve, and at

the same time they’re looking for the spark that will create a brand-new impact.

While he carries on DJing with Bruno, Erik El meets up again with his faithful sidekick Jean-

Michel, with whom he’d enjoyed the adventure of the band Couch Potatoes at the turn of

the millennium. Now the stage is set. Add to the members of this freshly formed trio another

collaborator of long standing in the person of Nicolas: the others are all familiar with his mastery

of sonic creation, recently confirmed by composition work for the popular TV show 19-2. The

Monitor collective is born!

These four established figures on the Montreal electronic scene quickly get down to business

and in no time are serving up the first sketches for rhythms that will define their special sound.

The initial titles and remixes appear in early summer 2010 and are polished little by little as Erik

and Bruno try them out on their club audiences. A number of singers are invited to drop by their

studio. The material takes shape. The following months will be spent reworking it, fine-tuning it

and transforming it to arrive at the final product, namely the first, eponymous, album: Monitor.

It’s often said that electronic dance music above all reflects a state of mind. The new Montreal

lineup is here to confirm that truth in the finest possible way with an original sound that

captivates body and mind with equal effectiveness. As they spread their wings, Monitor is

starting a biweekly residency at the after-hours club Circus, where they’ll be performing on the

1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, sometimes solely as DJs, sometimes with guest musicians or

voices. They’ll also be found every 2nd Saturday of the month at the Velvet club. For a pure and

potent sound – check out your Monitor!