Top 50k on The DJ List

Monica X

Barcelona, Spain

Electro House, Trance


DJ MONICA X (Barcelona, Spain) is the most popular and charismatic of the Spanish Djs with fast, intuitive and a perfect technique. Her profesional talent arises as the resident Dj of the legendary club Spook Factory in Valencia were shes also asked to be the host of a daily show in Radio LHorta (93.1FM) the leading station in Valencia. 1992.

She started a professional and sentimental partnership with the catalan Dj Nando Dixkontrol and moves to Barcelona where she is called to take part in the Rave of Disco 8, Pont Aeri, Scorpia and starts to Dj special sets in some important clubs within Spain like: Florida 135, Ku (San Sebastian), Locobox (Sevilla), Queen (Vigo)…thanks to her demolishing sessions and her charisma.

She played in the Tiergarten of Berlin in the B.O.M spectacle of the professional theatrical group La Fura Dels Baus, obtaining excelent reviews of the german critics.

Her professional career is consolidated. She mixes sessions of pure Barcelona Makina (Hard Style) & Hardcore, being the only girl to the date who had achieved the feat of djing this genre of music with the same courage found in the male DJs consagrated in the scene.

She takes part in the main Dj rave marathons of Catalunya wich took part in club Barcalles and plays in new years day at the La Farga Festival (Hospitalet, Barcelona) closing scene for 20.000 people.

She is required for January by Blanco & Negro Music to participate in the cd compilation Made in Dj In Session Vol2; becoming the most sold record in the chart for a period of 7 weeks. That same year she produces Sonic Girl, Planet DJ and Antarctic for Dixland Records. Her popularity and professional hard work push her to become the resident DJ of the macro-disco Wonder (Lerida).

She starts a professional model career. During the weekends she continues to DJ, while she takes part in TV adverts and exclusive photographic sessions.Towards the end of the year together with Dixkontrol, she starts the magazine DJ1 Music Culture Danzine, published monthly nationwide, and treating the subject of the djing atmosphere, were she is incharge of the redaction and designing. Currently this magazine has been published with great succes for the last 2 years.

She lives in full the development and expansion of the techno, progressive and trance fenomena, specialising in the genre, which she combines with other styles of dance music, creating a very peculiar atmosphere in her sets which immediately connects with the crowds, at the same time accomodating in the geographic ambit she finds herself in. She is a guest Dj in the Techno House Festival at La Cubierta in Leganes (Madrid) infront of 25.000 people and were she gets the chance to work together with the best DJs in the country.

Her growing popularity at a national level, turns her into a main target for the major companies, who will reclaim her services to mix her personal sessions in the compilations Tekno Women Warriors of Tekno (Bit Music) and Women DJs (Star Luxe/ Sony Music) of which more than 80.000 copies are sold in our country, becoming golden record and one of the main DJ compilations of the year.

During the year 2001 she djs throughout all of Spain in the most important Dj raves of the nation.

She produces Rre-Snare a progressive base with the producers The Messiahs, and mixes a new DJ session in the compilation Tekno Warriors Vol.3 of Bit Music. She becomes part of the Trance-Progressive Dj team of Teknopolis, the monthly Trance rave that takes part in the Sala Macumba (Madrid), considered the most important gathering of DJs of the country.

Her path propels her into the intercontinental scene, this way her sessions are discovered by the north-american fans, she plays Trance, Progressive and Tekno at After Hour Power, LAs most famous after hours club found in Hollywood and The Key club too at the Godskitchen party.

Knowing of the need to open the market for the new generations and being a professional capable of withstanding all terrains, she manages to combine different genres and styles, choosing to DJ a session of Makina (Hard Style) & Hardcore gabber in the new record Women Djs II becoming the only women dj in the country who mixes with this savage and explosive genre in a compilation, and also, for the third time. Beat that!

Also she arrives to Palau Sant Jordi Arena in the Megaaplec Dance to celebrate the aniversary of Flaix FM where other times play U2 or Madonna for 50.000 people. And in the international multimedia and electronical event in Barcelona famous around the world, Sonar.

She launches in the market a new production with Ice Fran and R.Herrera of the Hit Sound Pro Team called Im The DJ in is first picture vinyl.

Together with her Woman DJs partners, they cause an impression in the Midem (Cannes, France). Too she going through Amsterdam (Holland) to Dj besides Peran Van Dijk, Max-E-Groove, Ruff and Miss Wendy in the Hells Angels Coffee Shop at the Queens Day. And another year in Megaaplec Dance in Barcelona with Ferry Corsten and Judge Jules. She plays in the ParaDance Festival in Valladolid infront of 200.000 people.

She begins the year in a new club called Play in San Sebatian were she takes part as the resident Dj every Saturday Night. Later shes asked to play at BPM club in Pau, in the south of France. She mixes a new DJ session in the compilation Only DJs of Blanco y Negro Music and she finish her second picture vinyl called Born to Play produced together with Dj Ray. Her next CD compilation is United DJs, Vol. 5 for MD Records. At the end of the year a new compilation is released by Blanco & Negro Music, Revolution Play a special colectible double CD were shes joines by her partners Willy Da House and Jesus Play.

The new year brings to new productions together again with DJ Ray, the first one to be Trancepotting, a pounding Trance track wich is released as a special picture disc giving tribute to the artcover of the movie Trainspotting. The second is a Techno- House- Latin based track called Guan Guan-Do wich shows Monicas latin side.

After a year as a resident of Club play this popular club has been a reference point as one of the hottest clubs in the North joined every weekend by and amazing crowd coming from Pamplona, Burgos, Vitoria, Santander, Bilbao, Huesca, Logrono, Valladolid, Zaragoza, San Sebastian and even the south of France. Thanx to her popularity shes has had the oportunity to play next to some of the most known DJs in the scene as Kai Tracid, Marc West, Pulser, Peran Van Dyk, Thrillseekers, Randy Katana…

On a Sunday, June 14th she gets the chance to show her Dj skills at the most popular dance based TV show in Spain called Musica 1 on channel TVE1.

Meanwhile this summer she starts a new residency at a club in Bilbao called XTreme known as Columbus on Friday Nights.

On November she starts a new residency every Sunday Afternoon at the club Interclub, part of the Aloha Center in Viana De Cega,12 km from Valladolid.

After many years mixing with great technique and an elegant taste for music the veteran Spanish DJ Monica X from Barcelona has received the nomination of Best Trance DJ and Best Nacional DJ in the Spanish VII edition 2004 Deejaymags Music Awards.

A new compilation will be published early this year called Women Platinum Vol.2, mixed by 3 veteran Spanish Dj girls were Monica takes part in the Trance area.

Driving To The Future is a beautiful Vocal Trance that valencian DJ give the welcome to the new year. This maxi is issued through the Vale Music label ADN and makes part of a trilogy that will be complement of two different versions of trance classic: Vangelis Charriots Of Fire and Jean-Michel Jarre Orient Express.

Her professional attitude give her the opportunity to create Work 4 Danz, a renown international DJ Booking Agency, that looks after for Deep Dish and Judge Jules, Ferry Corsten, Yoji Biomehanika, Hernan Cattaneo or Steve Lawler.

The label companies news dont stop! The spanish label Imperio Destroy includes her in the compilation Woman Platinum, Vol.2.

Friday 18th March during the Fallas bank Holidays (the universal fire party of Valencia), share the dj boot with Tiesto in Valencias club Apache, being the first national female DJ that spinns with the Claimed N1 World DJ.

She cross the Atlantic Ocean to be witness of the WMC, where she will present internacionally her DJ Booking Agency Work 4 Danz.

The film Hey DJ! will be released, here she features along with Ferry Corsten and she is the only Spanish DJ in the film. And the launch of her new record label The Brotherhood Recordings, she has produced her famous Trance remixes Vangelis Charriots Of Fire and Jean-Michel Jarre Orient Express.

Thanks to the support of her fans, she was placed 174th in English magazine DJs official list of the best DJs in the world in the 2005 and 199 th in 2006. Furthermore, the clothing brand Custo Barcelona has chosen her to perform throughout their entire 2006 national and international tour. In the summer, she has traveled to China, the biggest country in the World, to play in Hennessy VSOP Tour, in 10 different cities, being the first female DJ from Spain to visit this oriental land with her special set of House Music.

Her personal House, Tribal, Progressive, Electro & Trance style have given her the opportunity to play with DJs such as Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules, Hernan Cattaneo Joey Negro, Funkstar De Luxe, Deep Dish, Steve Lawler and even Sven Vath. Monica X is one of the Spanish most international artists and has been invited to play in Holland, France, Germany, UK and even, US.

Monica starts in top 20 at the American DJ List Ranking this year together with other professional and respectable Spanish DJ Nando Dixkontrol. A new tracks are edited in her label The Brotherhood Recordings, The Spanish DJ On Top and The Redhead Temptation starting the year.