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Molecular Structures

Belgrade, Serbia

Drum & Bass

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Born December 21st 1990 in Dusseldorf, Germany, he soon moved to Belgrade, Serbia due to family circumstances. There was always instruments in the house, thanks to his fathers interest in music, and so Filip Dragovic (aka Molecular Structures and 2key) soon picked up and started playing piano. By the time he was 14 he finished primary music school for piano, and by the time he moved to a boarding school in England (2007) he was half way through his course for music production as well as one for jazz drums.

With influences ranging from Metallica to Dj Premiere Filip likes to keep a very diverse sound, that although distinct, applies not only to a single sub-genre.

With a few releases on netlabels during 2008 with his project “2key”, 2009 sees an up-and-coming Molecular Structures with releases on labels such as Hospital Music’s Medschool and an Album on the german Basswerk, as well as starting his DJing career, all there is to say is:

“Molecular Structures…watch this space.”