Moko Beatport


MoKo started out in the party/rave scene about 9 to 10 years ago while living in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Him and his friends would drive over to Fayetteville, Ar. to hit some of the (at the time) new and crazy kind of parties that were going on in the area. These parties were also known as “raves”. MoKo quickly fell in love with the whole vibe and scene and knew it would become a part of his life forever! MoKo continued to attend these events thru out the 3years he lived in AR.

Later, in 1999 or year 2000, he moves to OKC and quickly gets into the scene there. While living there he teams up with and joins “raver supply” (a local party throwing crew) ,where he helped out with throwing some of the biggest parties okc has seen!! some of the dj’s that were brought include dj’s such as richard vission, dj irene,dj mea, etc!! It was also around this same time MoKo decided to take up playing, and mixing records as a hobby/passion. After beeing surrounded by the music, the dj’s, the events, and the promoters for so long, it seemed this step was only natural and necessary in progressing and learning every aspect of the whole dj/club/party scene.

Eventually (about 4-5years later) MoKo decided to bring and share his passion to clubs, parties, and most importantly the people of Oklahoma City. MoKo has been headlining clubs and parties all over Oklahoma, and has progressed on to sharing his passion with the people in other cities and states!! He even moved out to new jersey and new york city for a while, to get a taste of the east coast, and loved it!!! Now back in Oklahoma, you can find MoKo packing out dance floors every weekend at dance clubs thru-out okc!! As well as holding a residency at LiT in bricktown of okc. Dj MoKo plays flawless sets with amazing energy you would have to see/hear to believe!! Working the crowd into a dancing frenzy is one of the things he does best!!!

As MoKo continues to make his name known, and his presence felt. He remains humble, as well as faithful, and loyal to his one TRUE love……HOUSE MUSIC!!!!