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Mohamed Abu Samra

Cairo, Egypt


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Born in Yamen in 1986, Mohamed became a DJ because he liked to share music with other people.

When he was younger, he started to collect music and then he would remix and cut up different tracks, he just thought that he wants do this.

Starting out with a small concerts and birthday parties, he progressed in his career. ‘Music was always his first love back then he didn’t know it was possible to make a living out of being a DJ… He really wanted to produce music that he could play in his sets, because it brings much more fulfillment to the process.

He bought some samplers, some computer programs, and just started working on it. ’and he made some tracks but we are still waiting for his album.

The future for Mohamed promises yet further success, both as the solo artist he’s become and the DJ we know him to be. Waiting for his album, more remixes, definitely, ‘he agrees, ’but it’s hard to look too far into the future.

Every couple of days it seems that something new, unexpected and exciting is happening!’