Moein Beatport


Moein Sanjary was born Rudsar, Iran (on September 11, 1989). His life has been filled with music since he was very young. at the age of 10 he couldn’t spend a day without listening to tracks and tunes by Vangelis, Yanni, Maurice Jarre, Ennio Morricone, and many more.

His first familiarity with Trance, was through a cassette tape which was widely spread in Iran (Called Wide Apple). That tape included tracks like 9PM, For An Angle, and other top tracks of that time. It was at that time that Trance IS the genre for him.

He started his first unprofessional producing when he was 14 with an old version of Dance Ejay.

But his first serious producing started on 2009 when he found FL Studio. So he started making his own tracks.

He is mastered in making 128bpm progressive trance to 140bpm energetic uplifting trance.

Lately he’s been releasing a lot of his tracks on many labels, Ocean Drive Records, Rondo Music,and other labels.

Soon, you will hear a lot more from him, so Stay Tuned !