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Moduloktopus Beatport


“I’ll start with at least three layers of clothing, and by the end of it, I’ll be dripping in sweat, half-naked, screaming at people if their having a good time,” Moduloktopus, referring to his live, multi-genre bass shows. This Dominican native has traded the warmth of the Caribbean sun for the sporadic, cool weather of Boston, but he nonetheless brought the heat with him. The artist is solely in love with the creative process and the capacity to express emotions and movements through music in ways people can identify a link between how they feel and how they felt during other moments in life.

Featured on countless online music blogs, ranging from Marshmallow Gun, Urban Vault (UK) to Earmilk,, Run The Trap, Music Ninja, and Pigeons & Planes. Moduloktopus is, quite literally, an “electronic music chameleon” who infuses imagination and technology to create his sound, and also teaches the wisdom behind his Ableton skills at the Mmmmaven Project.

His passion for music started since childhood, almost involuntarily, as he was always restless and wiggling around even while he was learning to walk. His sound is a melting pot influences that attracts an array of different followers, from EDM crowds to hip-hop fans, Top40 to Experimental, etc. All in the spirit of keeping diversity alive and finding new ways to blend genres to keep the creative process fun. Currently releasing a prolific amount of material every month with various artists, you can always expect something different from this forward thinking artist.