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Moderat™s formation began back in 2002 when sascha ring (aka Apparat) and gernot bronsert and Sebastian szary (aka Modeselektor) recorded an ep for the record label bpitch control ("auf kosten der gesundheit“). when it came time to begin working on an album, moderat suddenly broke up.

meanwhile modeselektor set a milestone in german music history with their sophomore album, “happy birthday!”, including musicians such as puppetmastaz, maximo park and thom yorke.

amongst a slew of remixes for the likes of thom yorke and björk, modeslektor also went on to tour with radiohead across japan in 2008.

apparat, on the other hand, moved forward with his album “walls” in 2007 (after his collaboration with Ellen Allien on “orchestra of bubbles”), taking a musical path that was more band-oriented and kept him on tour for several years running. 2008 saw the reunion of this project and the three members of moderat went back to the studio to continue working together.

moderat’s self-titled album (release on april 20th, 2009 on bpitch control) features californian rapper busdriver, the Berlin vocalist dellé (aka eased) from leading german act seeed as well as paul st. hilaire. all this successful work with vocal recordings encouraged szary and bronsert to convince ring it was time for him to contribute vocals, which he did. moderat will start their world tour on the 30th of april 2009 in leipzig, germany, wich will take them around the globe.