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Moda (Fi)

Helsinki, Finland


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Our musical background goes way back to our childhood. We both started to play different kind of instruments at very young age, At elementary school (year 2001) we were in the same music integrated class and we decided to establish our own rock band. Santtu played electric bass and Waltteri played guitar.

In 2008 Santtus father introduced him to the music producing and his interest in making music started to grow. Couple of years later Santtu started DJ:ing and got a lot of gigs in bars around Helsinki. Waltteri also got into electronic music and at the end of 2012 we decided to put together this project called MODA.

Since then we’ve played numerous gigs around Helsinki and Finland. And now as resident djs at Club Tivoli, Helsinki we can sure say that this is a hell of a start for an amazing ride!