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Naples, Italy

House, Tech House

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Mko dj was born in the 1984 in a city near Naples (Italy) and since he was a child begins his passion for house music. He starst listening records and he starts go often to the most popular clubs in Naples. He grows up listening 90’s house music and at the age of 13’s he began take their first steps into the world of music. He starts playing in some Southern Italians clubs and step by step he began to be valued by professionals of music and by people that immediatly starts love his tech-house sound. All these exsperiences take him to share his set with some of the most populars nationals and internationals djs (Ivan Iacobucci, Daniele Tignino, Tedd Patterson, Marc Houle, Conrad Black and others) and to play in the best italians clubs. In his sets he uses advanced instruments that shows that he always keep up with the times. His music is innovative, he stands out for his originality that allows him to give always a personal touch to the music chosen by him in his sets. His originality and his determination are the results of his passion for music, the same passion that will take him to debut as producer at the begin of 2010. His productions, are making succes between the best italians and foreigns labels. The quality of his productions, is making success also between big producers that demand him remix for their releases.