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Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Drum & Bass, Electronica

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The radical Siberian, the true northerner, was born and has grown on the far earth, fantastic and mysterious Yakutia, having absorbed in itself a considerable part of magic of this magical and brutal edge…

One of the few DJ and musicians capable to brag of independence of a fashion and the general tendencies, the underlined individuality and originality of the works.

“Now, first of all I appreciate the validity in art. Creating music, I am guided by the imagination, unscrewing each separate sound so that it bore accurate semantic and emotional loading, forcing subconsciousness to be ready to contact with high energys, and to a shower to reveal on a meeting to sound waves…

Hard and Tech – this is my concept.

In my house music parties I prefer to play Chicago, Ghetto, Fidget, Hip and Tech.

Well, and for techno-actions at me the special luggage consisting of all variety from Acid and Hard to orthodox Minimal and Micro-tech is prepared.

Underground club culture is a part of my life.

I represent Rave in all its musical displays…

And project HARDRAVERS!