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Mixmaster Morris

Brighton, United Kingdom

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Mixmaster Morris is an underground legend who hardly needs introduction. He started on pirate radio in ‘85 with ’the Mongolian Hip Hop Show’ and since then he’s been the most dynamic force on the UK avant garde.

Started The Irresistible Force in ’87 and made two very collectible early singles. Developed live acid house concept into The Madhouse (1988) widely credited as first live techno event in London.

Joined up with the Shamen at the end of ’89, creating the highly acclaimed Synergy club which toured Europe and the UK for over 2 years. Supported The Orb at many of their early shows, and other bands eg Spiritualized, System 7 …

Then signed to Rising High and released two classic Irresistible Force albums (Flying High and Global Chillage). Both made the indie top 5 and were released in the US (Astralwerks, Instinct) and Japan (Sony).

Made his name as the hardest working chillout DJ in the world, doing allnight soundscapes in 30 countries at a bizarre selection of parties. In the US he appeared at ‘Even Further’ in ’96, at the Full Moon party in the Mojave Desert, at the Plantasia rave in San Bernadino, on a boat party in San Francisco, and at many small clubs in NY, SF, LA, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Milwaukee etc.

In Germany, he appeared at the Berlin Love Parade for six years running (the worlds largest techno event), and recorded two deeply chilled Dreamfish albums with Frankfurt electroguru Pete Namlook (and a third might be on the way?). He’s still one of the Uk’s most popular DJs across the country.

In the UK he’s been resident DJ at Glastonbury Festival for five years, warming up for the Prodigy , Chemical Brothers, Jamiroquai, Stereolab etc. In Japan he played all over the country, including the massive Rainbow 2000 raves on the sacred Mt Fuji.

Made The Morning After mix CD, released on Positiva in the UK and then around the world, which shows his mixing style at the time, blending trip hop and ambient jungle into a cool soundtrack for head-nodding.

Started working for Mixmag when he recorded a classic ambient mix CD, split with Alex Patterson. For the last three years he’s been the only DJ with his own page, with a chance to champion underground music and chillout vibes. Nowaday’s he’s recognised as a leading critic of corporate dance music – in fact he’s been credited with inventing that meme …..

Many of the best electronic acts had their first press coverage courtesy of the Mixmaster eg Aphex Twin, Ken Ishii, Black Dog, Orbital, Atom Heart, Bedouin Ascent and more recently T Power, Squarepusher, Dot Records, Jimpster. No wonder Radio 1’s John Peel named him as his ‘natural successor’ …

After a break from recording he signed to Ninja Tune the UK’s coolest multimedia collective, and recorded the classic-to-be ‘Its Tomorrow Already’ already huge on dubplate. This comes out later in ‘98 – before that the CD ’Quiet Logic’ which he recorded with SF’s Jonah Sharp (Spacetime Continuum) in Tokyo (at the YMO studio). It comes out on Daisyworld on Feb 14th….

Nowaday’s he’s running a new club Nubient, at the Dogstar in Brixton , where he plays every Sunday with heavyweight friends like Luke Vibert, Coldcut, Claude Young. And best of all it’s free…