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Mister Goomba

Redwood City, United States

Dubstep, Electro House

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I like playing around with Photoshop and various music software. I’ve been the keyboardist/collaborator/co-founder for Short Fuse since 2004. I’ve engineered and co-produced two of our albums, “Annihilate the Masses” and “The Force of Hate”. I’ve also engineered and mixed Meatslab’s “Slaughter of the Human Pig”, Newtdick’s “Slime the Planet” album, and a 2 song demo for Viral. I also produce my own mixes/dubstep/electronic tracks. I’ve also contributed a lot of album artwork and promo materials for bands such as Short Fuse, Meatslab, Newtdick, Gutwrench, Crooked, and NMSO4.

TL;DR: I’m kind of awesome