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Lazy Bug aka Mistake (Serbia)

“His songs have been on top of listings for tech-house, progressive-house and techno music on Beatport and iTunes. In 2009, “Marshat” released on Kaseta Music was Nº11 on Beatport.

In 2010, his remix MistakeMistake ft. King Ali Baba-Out There quickly became a club hit and found its place in many playlists of known DJs like Gramophonedzie or SevdahBABY.

We can highlight “The Lilt” with Cavin Viviano released on Black Hole Records, the remix of the most famous Russian electronic duo Moonbeam, that reached the 5th place after 2 days. And “Black Cloud” ft. Miroslav Pavlovic, 2nd on the top100 Tech-House Chart after a few days.

He released on SK Supreme WMC,Nulogic,Robotica Records, WhoBear Records, Mjuzieek Digital, Mu.too records, Kaseta Music, Similar records, Selected records, Don’t Look productions, Urbanlife records, Nanotech Records.He was guest on TV shows like “Playada” on Tv Kosava,“Digital Night” on Digital Fm with Jay Lumen and Citizen Kain, ”Belgrade clubbing” on Sport fm, ” Becks energia” on TDI radio, “Idemo na Mars” on B92 radio, “Club night ft. new talents” Penguin radio and others, and his promo mixes was played on lots of radios like DFM radio or Cube radio.

He worked on promo parties in Serbia like “EXIT party”, “Tuborg”, “Staro Brno” & “RedBull” and in some big festivals like EXPO center (NYE 2010), FOAM Fest (Beogradska Arena), Green Island fest (Cro), BSF Baranja(Cro), UFO fest(Cro), Technoland, Resfresh fest, Tuborg Green fest, SyncIT fest and many more. He played in a lot of clubs in Serbia like Andergraund, Bullet, Namaste, Noir, Adagio, Amnesia and others, and in many clubs in Eastern Europe (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Italia).

He worked with a lot of DJs and Producers like Marko Nastic, Millok, Ted Dettman, Alen Milivojevic, Marko Milicevic (Gramophonedzie), Paul Jackson, Lion, Phil Drummond, Lea Dobricic, Vinyl Crew, Miroslav Pavlovic, Nemax Jackmill and many more."

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