Top 25k on The DJ List

Missy K


MISSY K is a female DJ who knows how to spin the decks and keep the beat going and empower the crowd through her sparkling spirit…

MISSY K has been in love with electronic music as long as she can remember,so it was no surprise to anyone wen she started Djing and Producing music,her diverse musical pallet is what makes her different from a lot of other DJs and Producers out there..

Giving her edge passion and feeling to the journey into everything from electro trap hiphop progressive to deep, techno and other styles….

Her electrifying live sets will leave you wanting more as

she pushes her sound along with the crowd to the limit..

Next to Producing and Djing MissyK is very well known Fashion Designer from Mumbai, She still enjoys her love for clothes and fashion and can be caught at her store in bandra called BANG BANG COUTURE ,from major ad campaigns and high profile endorsements as a designer this Indian beauty shows no signs of slowing down..

MISSY K continues to be in huge demand as a dj ,at the venues across the country with her global brand and awareness growing everyday

Missy K drops the bass driven sound to make the dance floor go wild at every show

With her upbeat personality,superb skills,and buckets of talent she stands her ground in the cutting edge global dance scene,this blazing a trial for women trying to come out a career in this male dominated industry ,..

Her future goals is to produce her original music and travel all around the world and spin for different people from various cultures..

Her belief is music saved my life and made me and i m here to give everything i have…..

Look out for her party videos at her you tube channel name DJ MISSY K

and her produced mashups and mixes at soundcloud name….dj missy k

Thanx for going through my work space,,do come for my events..stay blessed …