Top 25k on The DJ List


South Africa

House, Minimal


Great DJs have three things in common: Passion, talent and that unmistakable X factor. Missred has all three in abundance. The music drives her, the talent pumps through her veins, and the X factor can be judged by witnessing her command behind the decks. She’s no amateur either. With close on five years of solid crowd-pleasing experience, Missred?s star is on the rise. She has spun her style of electro-tinged house in front of the most demanding crowds at South Africa?s foremost clubs and events, as well as abroad and on the airwaves.*

“I play with soul and emotion. For the two hours that I’m up there, I share a part of my soul with the crowd and vice versa, without ever saying a word to each other. Nothing excites me and makes me happier than to see so many people, regardless of age, gender, or race, coming together for the love of house music. I’m just grateful to be instrumental in that experience.”

Her style of music is broad and reflects her educated and mature taste, taking inspiration from all genres and blending it into an aural experience that can only be described as sublime. “Whether it be deep, sexy, tech, electro or vocal, depending on where I play and the energy I get from the crowd, it all depends on where I can take them, because as much as I like to educate and inspire, I always remember that I’m there to entertain too.”

In order to grow further as an accomplished DJ, Missred is also involved with production. This gives her a more intimate knowledge of the music she plays. Her passion fuels her ambition and she aims to release a few exemplary albums, with productions signed to overseas labels. Missred is also no stranger to the technological revolution currently underway throughout the global scene, and keeps her eye on the ball by staying current with the latest developments. This ensures that she is well versed within all facets of her career, creating a well-rounded, dynamite package.

Passionate, talented, experienced and educated. Give her a stage and she will perform.

“House music is the best way of expression for me. It feeds my mind, my body, and most importantly, my soul!”