Top 25k on The DJ List

Miss Yetti

Berlin, Germany

Electro House, Minimal

AKA: Henrietta Schermall

Gold & Liebe
Miss Yetti Beatport


Miss Yetti’s musical career began in 1992 in Germany’s Rheinland – her first public appearance was at the “Orion Rave”. Gigs in Germany and the first international bookings followed, as well as residencies at the legendary “UFO Club” and at “Fisch” in Cologne.

In 1994 Miss Yetti produced her first tracks for Liquid Records. Her unmistakable style clearly reflects her musical socialisation. Depeche Mode, The Cult, Tears for Fears, Nitzer Ebb and Front 242 all feature strongly. With a passion, she combines dark and melancholic sounds with hypnotic techno and electro. In the mid-1990s, Miss Yetti rocked clubs worldwide with her tracks “La Pression Innovative” And “Les Jeux Superieurs”. In 1995 Miss Yetti began her own regular nights at the “Wartesaal” in Cologne, which offered the party scene a musical niche somewhere between house, electro and dark techno. Further releases followed in 1996 and 1997 on the Berlin labels “Monokultur” and on “Liquid Rec” respectively, as well as a multitude of international bookings. In 1998, Miss Yetti founded her own label “Gold und Liebe Tontrager” in order to give her own musical vision a platform. Artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Johannes Heil, Robert Girl (D.A.F.), David Caretta, Ellen Allien and other top names have contributed tracks, co-operations and remixes and all of this can be heard on Gold und Liebe Tontrager. The careful selection of these artists leads to a highly exciting mixture of the most diverse styles in the field of electronic music.

Miss Yetti’s fans voted her best female DJ in 1999 in Raveline Magazine. In 2001 Miss Yetti spent 6 months in Bali and recorded her impressions on the 12" ’ “Miss Yetti & Die Zauberer, Helden”. She then mixed her first solo mix CD for XXX, Austria.

Miss Yetti’s 2003 Gold und Liebe release “Ganz Nah” ushered in a new creative period. “Hedonism and Digital sex” followed in April 2003 and developed quickly into an underground hit. In September 2003, Miss Yetti released her first album “Out Of Control” and began her “Out Of Control World Tour”. The “Out Of Control” album remixes followed on Gold und Liebe Tontrager.

In 2004 and 2005, Miss Yetti produced further tracks for Gold und Liebe, for Pale Music and for David Caretta’s label Spacefactory Disques. Additionally, she mixed her “Gold und Liebe” label compilation, delivering an overview of the label’s bandwidth. Miss Yetti’s preference for mixes that transcend conventional style categories is something that is present in all her music. The compilation is a journey from tech-house, via electro and on to dark techno -deliberately melancholic but also pumping and bass-heavy.

Her remix of Marc Almond’s “Vanity, Poverty, Revenge” on Pale Music and her track “Spanish-fly” on the Spanish label “Properproud” both were released in January 2006.

In February 2006, the 12" single release from the upcoming Miss Yetti album, backed with a Frank Martiniq remix, came out. “Insights”, her second album, did follow in march 2006.


In 2002, Henrietta Schermall (Miss Yetti’s real name) completed her Degree in Psychology. She plans to continue studies with a doctoral thesis that will deal with the relationship between musical taste and personality structures.