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MissTara delivers prestigious entertainment with vigour and style.

At the early age of 8, she started her classic musical education. She received piano lessons, studied theory & keyboard.

Now, MissTara pronounces the showmanship in DJ performance. Her dance floor never stops moving, as her transcendent tracks, sexy style, and endless energy inject her floor with adrenaline. With blends of Electro, Tech and Funky house, she grips you with the deep and the dark. Experience MissTara, and you will want to be back for more.

Her continued success as a professional model and burgeoning desire to express art in the form of music both merged into a bohemian lifestyle. While living in Paris, she had intensive spinning practices, playing along Parisian best DJs. This ‘French Touch’ showed her the stark truth about entertainment, music and nightlife.

This student of Astrophysics and Human Biology was so inspired by her transformative experiences of death, adversity, and chaos that an idea was born: Let’s Live.

Soon after she was playing in party places in Paris: L’ARC, La Villa, Le Magnifique, BC to name a few. Returning back from Europe, she continued school in Toronto, at the same time traveling, often during weekends, to DJ internationally. Then she started playing at Nikki Beach Miami every month where she now holds a monthly residency. These days, MissTara is working on music creation for her new album called ‘Let’s Live’.