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Miss Sunshine

Osijek, Croatia


AKA: Suncica Barisic

Bondage, Decoded Mini Records, Divided
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(Monocline, FVF, QOMT)

“….Through her DJ sets or her productions on labels like FVF, Monocline, Der Hut, Dual Musik, Illegal Alien, Swap, Lazerslut, SWAP… Miss Sunshine unifies perceptions of open minded people in her graceful sense for sounds and minimal tones, strengthened with solid tech grooves and the love of challenging music without boundaries…..

….People’s response to the music, their peculiar lives, and exceptional party scenes have inspired Sunshine throughout the time and kept her hooked on the point of it: foster original sounds, mix music that mesmerizes audiences on the dance floor every time she performs, even though every so often her spins leads to the darkest and deepest corners of electronic music….”

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