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Miss Soulfly

Rijeka, Croatia

House, Minimal

burn Records, Draft LTD, Innocent Music
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Miss Soulfly shows interest in music in a very early age, so she finished primary music school playing piano. After that she plays the guitar on her own. At the end of 90s, when in high school, she starts to notice electronic music, and starts to attend every party nearby: listening, absorving, learning and dancing. Music was always in her heart and soul, but it never found the wright way to come out, untill, constantly going to the clubs, she found her true love. It was electronic music.

She started dj-ing around 2005 when she got her first opportunity at the lounge bar “Prova” as a summer resident, and then she kept the residency for three years. She also played on private parties and birtdays and in April 2007 she applied to a dj contest and won the third place, against strong competition of two dozen young and promising djs. After that, the gigs just kept on coming.

With her style and charisma she instantly won the floor. She describes her style like groovy and melodic sounds with tech and minimal elements, but with influence of all music genres. She just loves the music that will make your heart pump!

She played all over Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Serbia, Bosna and Herzegovina and Macedonia in many clubs like Stereo Dvorana (Rijeka), Tesla (Rijeka) Crossroad Disoctheque (Malinska), Trust Club (Maribor), Chanell0 (Ljubljana), The Best (Zagreb), Cvetlicarna (Ljubljana), Klub Bolivar (Ljubljana), KCK Klub (Krusevac), JB Club (Novi Sad), Discotheque Park (Ohrid), Aquarius (Vis) and many many more…

A few years ago she also became an active member of Urban Divas, a project for promotion of female DJ’s and artists, and she had a chance to play at several partys in Slovenia under their organization.

She has recently gained Audio Engineering Diploma at SAE University of Ljubljana, and now she is collecting more knowledge and experience as a sound engineer and producer, which can only lead to supremacy in understanding the background of the music she plays and in making some new excellent grooves.

Miss Soulfly is the young, fresh blood of local electronic scene, not limited with expectations or authority. But when she’s playing from the heart, like she always does, her tendency is to spread all over you and into you, so today’s local strenght is tomorrow’s nacional superpower.