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Miss Shelrawka

Seattle, United States

Minimal, Techno

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Blasting onto the Seattle scene with an army of vinyl and a head full of funk, Miss Shelrawka (Miss-Shel-RAW-ka) is a welcome transplant from the East Coast to the West, and her deLicious blend of genre-bending sets and brain-slamming beats have lit dance floors on fire from the Emerald City to the City by the Bay.

Excitement is brewing around this dynamic DJ as she begins to make her mark in the thriving electronic music community of the Pacific Northwest. Miss Shelrawka (aka Michele K.) first became enamored with dance music through the chunky sounds of house in her native New York and New Jersey. Her love for the beats was so strong that she had to spin them, and soon was playing out drum and bass under the name Lady K, delivering sets full of wild energy to the thirsty and appreciative crowds.

Combining a diverse range of musical interests with a keen sense of the dance floor’s desires, Miss Shelrawka now owns a unique style of funky minimal tech, techno, micro house, house and tech-house, influenced by everything from indie, punk and 80’s electro to tribal rhythms and classic soul. No matter what, the basslines will be saturated with techy sounds and infused with funk.

Miss Shelrawka’s mixing is as clean as her track selection is nasty- this DJ spins only vinyl, choosing to stay true to the pure analog sound. Holding her own as she throws down the filth, Miss Shelrawka truly uses the mixer as a tool and creates velvety blends of multi-genre sounds, spanking the decks and delivering unbruised beats that flow out of her fingers. Catch this fresh new face on her way up as she stays busy, throwing down smooth beats and bringing an original vibe to the musical front lines.