Top 50k on The DJ List

Miss Sandy

Montpellier, France



Sandy comes to turntables for the very first time in 1991. Going from minimal to techno, people like her for her music selection, her charisma, and her good technique. The audience is never insensible to this. She had ever played in the whole France and even in Belgium, Spain and Switzerland with artists like Electric indigo /Scan x / David caretta / Vitalic / Jamie Anderson / Damon wild / The Youngsters /Agoria / Oxia / Read head / Trevor Rockliffe/ Eric Borgo/Virtualian / Jack de Marseille /John Thomas / Tonio

In 2001, she decides buying a home studio and starts her own productions with a MPC2000 and a few expanders. She first programs electro and techno tracks and still does it.

She likes to listen to every kind of music if it’s good to her that’s what makes her dj sets and productions very rich and not formatted.

In 2004, she creates a band TRIO NOISE, including a drum player Neil conti and a guitar player Absynthe provisoire to manage a live fusion between techno and rock music, she loves this project, melting electro music with guitar riffs and live drums, it sounds great, original and pumping.

Sandy now intend to go deeper in production day after day and is thinking about collaborations with other producers in order to have more fun and make more records with different labels.