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Biography Miss. Money aka Kim Ward

Multitalented rapper and artist Miss Money (Kim Ward) was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she began rapping at the age of ten. By the time she was eighteen, she began taking her music career to new heights; since that time, Miss Money has performed and recorded extensively throughout the East Coast.

Citing her musical influences from life, mother and self Miss Money also has a serious affection for some of the older artists like Tina Turner and Whitney Houston. However her biggest inspiration admittedly has always been putting her feelings in words for people to relate. “Ive been in a lot of group home facilities where they never hear you out so i start writing about it with a melody of my own, no beat, call it brain music” states Miss Money.

When asked if her rap comes from within or from what she observes around her, Miss Money replied “Rap is me so it comes from in and out and all around” Stating only one regret as a performer, Miss Money has always said that sometimes she wished she would have went harder even to the crowd says differently.

Some of Ms. Money’s achievements to date include wining the Bragging Rights Awards for Pittsburgh Rookie of The Year in 2009, being nominated for PHHA (Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards) for best new artist, opening acts for RUN DMC showing direct support for Russell Simmons and setting the tone as an opening artist for Wiz Khalifa. Miss Money further states that her all-time dream gig would be to perform in front of a crowd so large that you lose sight of the crowd and still find a way to communicate with every single fan. “I love making people rock, sway, jump up and down and scream. I like to perform not just spit my lyrics over a microphone”, says Miss Money.”I am not just a rap artist I am a performer; they love me as a performer."

Kim cites one of the biggest challenges she faces as an artist is her schedule, “Its hard to keep up, there’s always so much going on. I love being busy but sometimes its like you need more than one Miss Money, they want you here and there all at the same time". When asked if she can retain artistic integrity as she continues to succeed in the commercial market, Miss Money replied quickly without hesitation. “Without a doubt!”

Miss Money is currently in the studio working on her first mix-tape as a solo artist. The upcoming release will be titled “Hood Credentials” her first release off current label Different Circle. “This mixtape is about the different sides of me. I want people to see me as an artist not a rapper, the beauty of art in music is about difference and Miss Money is…different”. Although tight recording schedules and appearances fill the schedule quickly, Miss Money is planning her first tour mid-November along with the “Hood Credentials Mixtape” release and is working around the clock with ID Labs engineer Big Jerm on the hottest album likely to drop early 2011. “I feel like I have something to prove especially repping the Burgh, Wiz paved the way now its my turn.” states Miss Money.

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