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Miss Method

Brisbane, Australia

Dubstep, Hip-Hop

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Sarah McLauchlan, aka. Miss Method, is a vinyl, Serato & Traktor DJ and producer out of Australia who has this insane talent of mixing songs that were originally good into something that reaches amazing with no effort. Recently she did a mash-up of Olive’s “You’re Not Alone (ATB remix)” and Rick Ross’ “Hustlin”. Whether you are a fan or not of either artist, this mix will make your day I assure you..

Stuff I Play……

Rock, Jazz, Funk, House, Electro, Techno, Dubstep, Pop, Trance, Punk, Disco, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000-present, Old school hip hop; New school hip hop; Golden age hip hop; Alternative hip hop; Avant-garde hip hop; Chopped and screwed; Crunk; Crunkcore; Electro hop; Freestyle rap; Funk carioca; G-Funk; Gangsta rap; Ghetto house; Ghettotech; Hardcore hip hop; Hip hop soul; Hip house; Hip pop; Industrial hip hop; Instrumental hip hop; Jazz rap; Lyrical hip hop; Mafioso rap; Nerdcore hip hop; New jack swing; Snap music; Turntablism; Underground hip hop; GlitchHop


- Atlanta hip hop; Bounce music – originally from New Orleans, Louisiana; Crunk – originally from Memphis, Tennessee; Houston hip hop; Chopped and screwed; Miami bass; Snap music – originally from Atlanta, Georgia

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