Top 25k on The DJ List

Miss Mel

Atlanta, United States

Breaks, Electro House


Melissa Picardi aka DJ Miss Mel aka Mistress Melissa is a world renowned dance music dj, dominatrix, and general expert in bdsm and bondage.

As a female DJ, Melissa is unique due mostly in part to her success on the internet as a dominatrix and fetish expert. This has gained her worldwide recognition and even helped launch her to the 197th spot on the DJMag top 250 DJ’s list in 2003 after having only been DJing for one year.

Born in New Jersey, Melissa quickly found her love for music. She found herself fascinated not only with top 40, but also found a love for musical theater, classical music, and opera, probably due to her mothers influence. When she was 7 her family moved to Arizona, and in her preteen years they also found themselves in South Florida, ending up in Atlanta, Georgia where she currently resides. Spending her formative years being introduced to the different cultures around the United States played a large part in expanding her musical interests, and eventually, while living in South Florida, she found her true musical love…dance music. After spending years immersing herself in dance music, and dance music culture she quickly came to see that her place was not as a part of the crowd, but behind the tables. After saving up for about a year she decided she finally had enough money to buy her very own set of turntables, 2 technic mk5’s, and a pioneer DJM300 mixer. Once they arrived, she spent every spare minute of her time teaching herself to beatmatch, listening to new music, and trying very hard to expand her collection of vinyls. After about a year of this she felt confident to accept a gig playing at a local club, and from that point on there was no stopping her. In the 7 years she has been involved actively in the scene as a DJ, she has worked for several radio stations, including and She also worked as the Marketing director for Empire state records with DJ’s Filo and Peri from 2003-2005.

Miss Mel currently resides in Atlanta, Ga where she plays local gigs, and works on developing her skills as a DJ and producer, listens to as much new music as possible, and works as an executive level administrative assistant for a liquor distributor, moonlighting as a dominatrix. Look for her new radio show on Netmix in the coming months.