Top 50k on The DJ List

Miss Jag

Phoenix, United States

Drum & Bass


Miss Jag stumbled into the world DJing by accident in the fall of 1996—she had been attending parties and was fascinated by the DJs’ abilities to command the crowds and play music in a continual stream of beats; her fascination grew when a friend showed her the mechanics involved between the turntables and mixer. Recognizing that she had natural talent, her friend took her to the record store and picked out five practice records and told her to learn to beat-match consistently, thus beginning her own love affair with records, equipment and crowds.

It wasn’t until July of 1997 that Miss Jag was introduced to the hard, dark UK sounds of drum and bass by her roommates and instantly fell in love with the art form; she had at last found her niche. In November of that same year she made her drum and bass debut at the Planet Rampant Tour in Phoenix, Arizona and took the local scene by storm as well as accepting dates for out-of-state events. No other female nor drum and bass DJ in Arizona was booked as consistently in that year as was Miss Jag, thanks in part to her then-manager, Mikee Patton, and the entire crew at Swell Records and Clothing who helped her release her first mixtape.

During her 5 year stint in Atlanta, Georgia beginning in the fall of 1998, Miss Jag put her DJ career on hold to focus on her corporate career although she did sign on part-time with Jungle Junkeez, a small drum and bass crew founded by Sinista; Atlanta Massive, an ever growing group of DJs of all persuasions founded by King Kali and King Herb; Beat Collaborative, founded by Erica Haynes; and Second Sight, founded by DJs Creashun and Fari and held local residencies with other members of the Atlanta Massive on Friday, Monday and Tuesday nights at the Library across from Georgia Tech, the Royal Peacock on Auburn Avenue and Lenny’s (formerly Dottie’s) on Memorial Drive.

Miss Jag currently works for Southwest Soundworks on Mill Avenue in downtown Tempe and does the drum and bass ordering for the store, and still represents for Beat Collaborative in Atlanta. She plans to focus more on her DJing career over the next year as well as attend classes at ASU in the fall in pursuit of a chemistry degree.