"Looking back, there isn't a day of my life I can remember that wasn't involved with music. That' just the way it' always been." As a child it wasn't hard to tell where ... read more


Location: United States United States
Genre: Breaks

“Looking back, there isn’t a day of my life I can remember that wasn’t involved with music. That’ just the way it’ always been.”

As a child it wasn’t hard to tell where Stephanie was headed with her life. From the early age of 8, she was involved in music. At 12 she joined her school band playing the drums and the flute. By the age of 15, she had already caught a chance at a record deal. Over time, she changed her style, and by 18, it was inevitable that she would find her next musical outlet. She became a familiar face in the club circuit and the afterhour’s scene.

In December of 2000 she bought her first set of decks, 10 records and a mixer and started to play. After only three days, she could hold a beat, and in two short months she was offered her first residency at a local nightclub. Stephanie eventually moved to Orlando, where she currently resides. In July, 2002 she caught wind of a DJ contest, packed up her records, and headed downtown to play for the first time. 20 of central Florida’ best DJ’ battled it out for 5 hours, and in the end, she was the one walking away with the trophy and a great deal of respect from her peers.

Apparently she sparked one of the judge’s interest, and was invited to play at his next event. She was signed to the Fundamental Breakz Collective that night, and now is also a member of Electronik Bass Recordings. Since then, she has played all over the state, dropping only the dirtiest, nastiest nu-skool she can get her hands on. Keep an eye out for this up-and-comer, she’ sure to be rocking a dance floor near you soon…