Top 25k on The DJ List

Miss Firefox

Melbourne, Australia

Hard Dance, Techno


Amanda Williams, aka Miss Firefox, started out in 1997 as a practicing DJ when a friend asked her to play at a warehouse party in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia, along with some of Melbourne’s respected and loved DJ’s today. Amanda was originally was studying Fashion and Textiles at Swinburne University, Melbourne, due to family interests. But her love for music had been ingrained from a very early age. Firefox has a varied love of music that started out in the early 1980’s when she was growing up. She was always surrounded by disco music such as Donna Sommers, Dionne Warrick and Blondie and blues like Marvin Gaye and soft easy dance like Sade and Neneh Cherry. Then there is early Electronica / Punk such as DEVO and Soft Cell, The Cure, New Order, Hazy Fantazy, Yello and early 90’s Dance like KLF and Kraftwerk, Dave Clarke, DJ Pierre and Doctor Motte, Cosmic Baby, Altern8, 808 State and Union Jack, Future sound of London to current artists Scott Project, DJ Choci, DJ Misjah and Tim, DJ Tomcraft, SHOKK, Fluklicht, A*S*Y*S,Aphex Twin, Lab4 Marco V, Mauro Piccotto, Joy Kitikonti, Hip Hop, Trip Hop and Breaks /New Electro like Tricky and Massive Attack, Scribe, Ltj Bukem, Goldfrapp (Love them), Peaches, Miss Kitten, Grand master Flash, Sugar hill gang, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, N.W.A, The Roots, Jurassic Five, 1200 Techniques (Go Boys!), N*E*R*D, Bodycount. And then there is the hard shit Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, Kyuss, TOOL, Ramones, A Perfect Circle, The Descendents, Rammstein, The Butterfly Affect, Faith no more, The Cult, Rage Against the Machine, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols.

Amanda whilst at school studied assorted instruments from Piano to Cello to Guitar and woodwind instruments such as Oboe and Clarinet. Her music theory skills are at a very high standard for a non-practicing musician. But throughout her teenage years her yearning was to play the drums, but was unable to take on the lessons because she had driven her mother crazy with the amount of music that she was partaking in. Amanda being a frustrated drummer on the inside decided to pursue her dj’ing further and try to keep up with her studies. But soon the dj’ing took over, and Amanda gave up her studies to pursue her music career further. Amanda got her first real gigs at the Madass parties from 1997 till 1999. At these parties she played along side the likes of:

Sonic Animation, DJ HMC, Eric Powel (BUSH (U.K)), Woody McBride(Acid Fuckers Unite(U.S.A)), Mike Dearborn (DJAX (U.S.A)). After that she received her first club residency under Jason Midro’s wing at Bass Station (Ministry of Sound). It was at this stage when she was given her DJ name “Miss Firefox.” The kind Mark Hogan of Brunswick Street Rave success years ago gave her the DJ name one seedy night at the Viper room on Chapel St in Melbourne. But he just called her Firefox. The next week she told Jason that was what he was to call her when he put her as a DJ on the lineup. She turned up to her gig and Jason had put her as Miss Firefox and she liked it, so she stuck with it. Through her residency people became more confident in her mixing because Bass Station has such a high standard of Dj’s. She started to pick up gigs all over town and all over the state. She got to play along side Nick Sentience and Lab 4 and other great acts when she was playing at Bass station. After a while she caught the eye of other promoters that booked her for mammoth parties such as Gatecrasher at Rod Laver arena to play alongside likes of Lisa Lashes, Sander Kleinenberg, Tall Paul, Armin Van Buuren, Reeloop, Green Velvet, Ltj Bukem, De la soul. During that period she also moved over to one of Melbournes best nightclubs, SEVEN in Albert Park and Joined Alex Mate from then Agent Mad to play at the now defunct THUMP on Friday nights. There she played the set before DJ Tom from Germany. Also along the way she helped out and ran various parties, At the now closed Dome nightclub, she managed and organized Ravage with some other partners, and she brought out DJ Riksta from the now defunct label Fevah records in the UK. Along the way she has been involved with the FREEZA government initiative and played in various rural areas such as Seymour and Wolongong and Albury to 2,500 people.

Along the way Firefox has worked for Sanity music Australia and worked in the Bourke Street Dance Arena. Specializing in the Hard Dance/ Hard Trance department. She specialized in Hardware sales for Korg, Pioneer, Vestax, Technics, and Numark. Miss Firefox also has received training from some Australia’s best Sound engineers and Dance music specialists in analogue hardware along the way. Her dedication to releasing her music first and foremost is still number one priority.

January 2003 Firefox received a call from friend and foe in the dark hard trance scene DJ Hellraiser (Pharmacy) asking her if she can join him to be a resident every Friday at [email protected] CBD nightclub. Along side her we have Melbourne’s own Klasik and Sanders from (Future sound Corporation. (Ita.) These Boys would have to be one of the only hard style DJ’s in Melbourne actually producing records on a world’s stage in mass quantity. Through 3D Miss Firefox has played with DJ SHOKK (overdose rec. (Ger.).) and FLUKLICHT (TIDY TRAX (UK)) Amber Savage (SYD), YVES DERUYTER (Bonsai.Rec (GER)). She also plays around town at PHD at Altitude, Hard Kandy at Dex nightclub, Sugar Suite, Viper room, Club evolution.

Miss Firefox has proven to be a versatile DJ, in her mixing abilities. She can a play at a party for a friend and play funky house music, or she can play at sweaty seedy dark dank club and play Nasty ass Techno. Or she can turn up to an UV flood lit club full of bunny ravers and play hard style trance. Miss Firefox can really change to suit the venue. She can also play breaks and beats and hip-hop and dark angry industrial Techno. But her main style at the moment that she trying to push is Hardstyle Tech Trance. The predominant sound that fuses elements of Techno beats and Melodic Trance with percussion from old skool hardcore. At the moment Miss Firefox’s main platform is her own business Fuel Entertainment. Using this as her platform Amanda wants to shift her career as DJ/Producer into another gear. Here she hopes to demonstrate the best of what Melbourne has to offer. Also she would like to release her first release through her own label Fuel Recordings. But that is still on the back burner for the moment. Amanda just wants to keep up with her work and music and try to get things up and running before she is 30. For a 24 year old girl Amanda is doing pretty well to get her where she is today she has worked and DJ’d alongside some of the most talented people in the world. And she feels truly blessed because of all the help from dedicated friends and family to get her where she is today.