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Miss Eleana


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Born in Switzerland in 1980, Eleana is Dutch. Addicted to electro music from her dearest childhood, she borrowed a deejay set and passed her 17’s summer learning how to mix.

Thus she began to constitute her own finely selected discs collection and found her way in techhouse groovy up to electrotech-pumping and progressive tribal house. Connected with her local electronic stage, it did not take her friends long to notice her talent and her sensitivity. Since 2001, Eleana has played her DJ sets at private parties in wonderfull villas located in the Monaco region and even so far as Marseille and Avignon, in Southern France. Eleana’s first parties revealed her musical sensibility and her connivance with the audience.

Deeply concerned by her audience, Eleana showed an emotional osmosis and a delightful complicity that dancers cannot forget and assured herself a reputation for bewitching the dancefloors.

Her mixes connecting up Electro House and Teckhouse Groovy and even Electrotech Pumping music electrify and give energy to clubbers until early hours of the morning.

Motivated by her passion and encouraged by professionals, Eleana approached the bars that had DJs and as early as 2003, she landed herself a monthly residence in the Karma.

Since then, Eleana has added bookings at Toulon’s Starnight, at Le Plan in Paris, at Nice’s Grand Escurial, the Wash Club, the Deux Freres (resident), the Modjo, Lecotton bar (resident), le Mynth bar, Le Mix bar, the Lounge Beau Rivage, a four-star-hotel (resident), the Ghost, Cellar Club, Monaco’s Karrement, Stars?n Bars, Flashman, Boccacio, at Juan les Pins’s Minimal, at Cannes’s, Swann Club (resident), le Prestig, Daytona Club, Montpellier, at the So Club, Morocco and the opening of Havana Club, Egypte.

Eleana also plays in big parties with Montpellier’s Magic 34, with Ozore Records in Paris’s Plan or S-cap with DWUL Concept in Auron.

At the same time, Eleana uses her creativity and her skills in graphics sometimes to create flyers for clubs such as the Grand Escurial, the Deux Freres, the Swann, the Discoteca, and the Lecotton bar, sometimes to create LP advertising stickers for a vinyl printing firm called " Vinylogue "

Since 2004, Eleana, she’s begun organizing her own partys in the villas, on the French Riviera. These parties that come under the name of " Xtrem Illusion " are dedicated to House music and Electrotek Pumping music. She has also organised her own before at Nice’s Lecotton bar where Techhouse Soulful music mixes with Hard House Groovy music. In 2004, Eleana co-organised a party at the Grand Escurial where she mixed with other artists she had selected.

In 2005, Eleana met Lea Moore from Redrum Records and they took advantage of their affinities and complementarities to organise monthly parties called " The fly to Paradise " at Cannes’s Swann club where they are both residents. Quickly, they were preferred by the clubbers looking for a programming of quality. The best artists on the French Riviera, like Anorak (Zebra 3), Laurent N.(Limelight Records), Carlo Mora (Dolly Party), Maxx-T (Code 316) , Sebastien Casax (Dmc Pionneer) and Rodrigue (Cream Fresh) came to find inspiration. Behind the turntables in the hedonist atmosphere they managed to create. For a year, Eleana and Lea Moore have shown their abilities to liven up the dancefloor until day-break. At the same time, they became residents at Nice’s Deux Freres supported by Redrum Records.

Since 2006, EleaNa has joined Lyon?s T.A.M. Label, Pariss Xtranight Events, Redrum Records in Cannes, Zounds Management in Belgium, Hawagency in Portugal, K- Management & Hexadance in Switzerland, MSide Deejay Agency in Italie, Karat Bookings in Germany and Elevated Vibe Productions in Canada. She has also devoted herself to musical production and is preparing a maxi with her friend Tyares with remixes of Woody Mc Bride and Victor Magan & Jason Tregebov on Choice records.

Besides, her performances in clubs, bars or else shops, Eleana had regularly performs in live on Radio AS (Cannes), Club Xtrem (Lille), Radio Topside (Nice), Purelectro Radio (Nice), Net Fm (Belgique), Party Techno (Egypte), Fashion Fm (Italie), (Russia), Entv (USA) et Mc One (Monaco). Thanks to her notoriety near the electronic scene of the Cote d’Azur Eleana is starting to plough her own furrow on the French and foreign clubs’s turntables thus giving her new experiences to share with her audience.